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Dr. Matthew A. Johnson ("Dr. J.") and his wife, Cynthia, would like to welcome you to Xanue.Com!!!  On July 1, 2000, "Dr. J." and his family encountered a Bigfoot up on the mountain above the Oregon Caves National Monument Park.  Shortly thereafter, the news literally shot around the world regarding their encounter with Bigfoot.  "Dr. J." and his family had just moved to southern Oregon from Alaska.  During his twenty-years of residency in Alaska, "Dr. J." had interactions with Moose, Caribou, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Sheep, Black Bear, and Grizzly Bear.  He knew what he saw that day was not a Bear.  He realized that he just saw Bigfoot walk off the pages of myth and legend and into reality.  In spite of the initial shock and fear, "Dr. J." decided that he wasn't going to allow his family's Bigfoot encounter to scare him out of the woods forever.  Therefore, he decided to get back up on the horse, get back out into the woods and find Bigfoot, grab him by the scruff of the neck, and drag Bigfoot out of the woods for the entire world to see.  "Dr. J." wanted to prove to the world that Bigfoot actually exists and also that he wasn't crazy for saying that he saw one. Click to read more.


Every year, Dr. Matthew A. Johnson ("Dr. J.") and his wife, Cynthia, host an annual "Xanue University Conference", Spring Clean Up Events, and Summer "Camp Xanue" weekend events (June, July, and August). If you're interested in attending one or more of these events, please click the button below, sign up for the event, pay your registration fee, attend the event(s), get your mind blown away, and have your life change forever.




The Xanue Store provides you with the opportunity to purchase one or more of Dr. Matthew A. Johnson's books regarding the Xanue (AKA Bigfoot Forest People). In addition to purchasing one or more books, you're also provided the opportunity to purchase Xanue Artwork as well as other Xanue products.

NOTE: The money used to purchase the Xanue Artwork and other products goes directly to the sellers. Dr. Matthew A. Johnson and his wife, Cynthia, DO NOT receive any money from their sales. They are simply happy to have the opportunity to put you in touch with the seller of the Xanue Artwork and other products.



Would you like to join others in a conversation about the Xanue people, learn more about them, and share about your experiences with them? Well then, please create and account and go to the chatroom. NOTE: This chatroom has been created as a dependable alternative form of communication for Xanue (AKA Bigfoot Forest People) believers because the social media platforms such as Facebook are unpredictable and unreliable (i.e., Shadow banning, Facebook Jail, Facebook Community Standards, etc.).


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Since July 1, 2000, when Dr. Matthew A. Johnson and his family had their encounter with a Bigfoot up on the mountain above the Oregon Caves National Monument Park, he has been amassing evidence via videos, audio recordings, and pictures. Please click on the buttons below to enjoy hours and hours of nonstop media evidence of the existence of the Xanue (AKA Bigfoot Forest People).


Since his family's encounter with a Bigfoot on July 1, 2000, Dr. Matthew A. Johnson ("Dr. J.") has been meticulous about securing collaborating witness testimonials from the many people who have joined him over the years in his various research areas. These witnesses have shared about what they have seen, heard, and experienced while researching the Bigfoot phenomenon along with "Dr. J." Please click on the buttons below to either submit your own Xanue Testimonial or to read about other peoples' Xanue Testimonials.